Your Help Is Needed

The Road District works continuously to provide the best, most efficient service to you using the most cost-efficient methods at our disposal.  We are a small staff serving a wide geographic area consisting of a diversified economic and land-use group.  What may work well in one area, may not work in others, and we understand that.  We always try to be as accommodating to all Township residents as possible.  As the resident, homeowner, or entrepreneur, you are the one most affected by positives and negatives in your neighborhoods. You, too, know when conditions change and need attention.  Please communicate your concerns to us for prompt attention.

Snow Plowing: Please move cars off the street when you hear the forecast predicting a snowfall.  It helps us to give you a better job. Do not clean your driveway into the street.  It presents a hazardous condition to motorists and is against the Law.

General: Newly seeded grass, sod, or newly planted trees need to be watered so please help us by watering them.

Safety First: Please watch for construction signs and construction crews working on a project.  Slow down and be careful.