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St. Charles Township Road District is a political subdivision existing in Kane County, Illinois, which serves the residents of the unincorporated sections within the geographic boundaries established by the legislators of the state.  The area served comprises of a little over 36 square miles.  The township is larger than the statutory definition because back in 1932 the county board saw fit to remove a portion of the Boy’s School from Campton Township and gave it to St. Charles Township.  The geographic boundaries are generally defined as, the county line or Kautz Road on the east, Happy Hills Road and Dean Street just east of Route 64 on the west, Britcher Road on the south, and McDonald Road on the north.

Highway Commissioner Steve Frohling runs the Road District and it is staffed by (6) full time road maintenance positions including a supervisory position, as well as (1) clerical position, and employs additional help as needed, in the summer.

The total operating budget is determined annually by the Board of Trustees, which consists of a Town Supervisor, who is the treasurer for the Road District, (4) Trustees and a Town clerk who is also the Road District Clerk.  A copy of the operating budget is available at this location, as are invoices for goods and services purchased by the road district.

The location for inspection of these records is 1725 Dean Street, St. Charles, from the Road District Clerk.  This is also the town hall for the Town of St. Charles and the office for the Road District.  This is the official mailing address for any Freedom of Information requests.

All requests for information relative to the Road District must be put in writing and delivered to the Road District located at 1725 Dean St., St. Charles.  Our normal business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Any written request for information will be responded to within five working days.  Some requests may involve additional research and may take up to an additional five working days to complete.  Electronically stored data will be prepared in a printed format as allowed by the computer operating system.  The data as it exists in electronic form may be viewed as the clerical workload allows.  In the event a request is denied, the reason for denial shall be returned by the Road District FOIA Officer in writing within the same time periods previously detailed.

Requests for information which involve the return of copied information shall be at a fee of $.15 (fifteen cents) per copied page after the first 50 pages.  If the information is being disseminated for public good, the copying fee may be waived at the discretion of the Road District FOIA Officer.

You may have additional rights under the Freedom of Information Act, which have been adopted since the printing of this notice.