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2019 Assessments were published on August 22, 2019.  These assessments are reflected on your current 2020 tax bill from the Kane County Treasurers Office.

The St. Charles Township Assessor’s Office is currently working on developing values for the 2020 assessment year, taxes payable 2021.  We anticipate that assessments will be published by the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments, sometime in late July or early August 2020.

You will often see the Assessor’s Office field teams out in the Township, measuring improvements and taking pictures.  Their purpose is to update our records because of permits issued, or because we haven’t been to a property in a while.  We do not have set schedules as to when we will visit a property, and therefore are unable to notify owners of the inspection ahead of time, nor do we have the budget necessary to mail out notices.  We do not have phone numbers for property owners, unless you give it to us.  The field teams will ring your doorbell and knock on your door to let you know why they are there, but they do not need to have access to the interior of your home.  The field teams always have ID’s with them and will be driving a Township vehicle with identification on the sides of the car.  If you do not answer the door, we will assume no one is home and continue on with inspecting the property.  Please call our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding the inspection of your property. (630) 584-2040