For the most part, storm water drainage in the Township is accomplished using open “ditches” which run parallel to the road.

In addition to the open ditch, every driveway has a culvert pipe installed beneath it to allow the storm water to flow freely downstream to accommodate drainage.

To make sure that the water flows efficiently, please take a few minutes each spring and fall to check the ditch and culvert near your home for any accumulation of debris (leaves, grass, branches, cans, etc.) which would cause a water backup.  Please remove any obstruction found.

Some areas have buried drain lines in addition to open ditches.  In these cases, it is even more important to make sure that the catch basin openings remain clear and free of debris, especially leaves.

It is a costly procedure to clean the buried drain lines.  A couple of minutes spent cleaning a catch basin may prevent a much costlier repair.

Please remember that all drainage work is performed to benefit you, the property owner.  Please help us protect your home from water damage by keeping the drainage ways clear and functional.

No new sump pumps will be pumped to the ditch or road right-of-way along the edge of road.  These ditches are for storm water only not sump pumps distribution.

Should you experience a problem with water drainage in your area, feel free to contact the Road District.  If we can assist you, we will gladly do so.  The County also requires a permit if you do any drainage on private property.