Blacktop Patrol

Resurfacing Projects for 2022:

  • Bernice Drive;
  • Joan Court;
  • Joan Drive;
  • Lynn Drive;
  • Tom’s Trail Drive;
  • Burr Oak Lane;
  • Foxwood Court;
  • Foxwood Lane (from Foxwood Ct. to Old Homestead);
  • Miller Lane;
  • Old Homestead (south from Bolcum);
  • Cibis Road;
  • Oak Run Court;
  • Red Gate Court;
  • Ridgewood Drive;
  • West Ridgewood Lane;
  • Westwood Lane;
  • Woodview Court;
  • Bonnie Street;
  • Denny Street;
  • Toni Street;
  • Bristol Court;
  • Bristol Road;
  • Hickory Drive;
  • Windsor Drive;
  • Mallard Lake Road (Burr Rd. to just east of Murray Rd.);
  • Heritage Court.

Blacktop Patching:

Potholes are filled as soon as we are aware of them.  Unfortunately, winter conditions cause all holes to reappear quickly after filling.  We are continually searching for and testing new patching materials and methods.

Street Sweeping:

Subdivisions with curbs and gutters are swept during the Summer and Fall months.  Special sweeping following construction projects will be done on a pre-arranged basis.