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The most recent addition to our Township Cemeteries is the Columbaria Union Cemetery located at the Union Cemetery’s east end, 1206 N 5th Avenue, St. Charles.

A Columbaria is a brick or stone structure with niches in which urns containing ashes are buried.

We invite you to visit this beautiful picturesque memorial garden for the interment of cremains.

Compensation Posting Requirement of  “total compensation package” for each employee earning over $75,000 per year.   Public Act 97-609 effective January 12, 2012.  5 ILCS 120/7.3.

Highway Commissioner: $130,898, Township Assessor: $144,704, Deputy Assessor: $130,420, Deputy Assessor: $117,252, Deputy Assessor: $92,664, Road District Secretary: $86,197, Road Crew: $126,735, Road Crew: $114,307, Road Crew: $100,752, Road Crew: $79,560, Cemetery Superintendent: $102,597.

Resurfacing schedule for 2024 for St. Charles Township TBA