Cemetery District


In 1945, St, Charles Township formed a cemetery department to assume care and maintenance of North and South cemeteries, which were privately owned at the time. Today, the Cemetery District encompasses six locations:

Cemetery Location Founded Township Owned
North North 5th Ave 1840 1945
South South 7th Ave 1815 1945
Little Woods Dunham Road 1856 1951
Union North 5th Ave 1900 1972
Prairie Crane Road 1849 1957
Round Grove Mosley Lane 1849 1997

All six cemeteries (approximately 45 acres) are carefully maintained, although South and Round Grove are no longer active interment locations. The Cemetery District operations are funded by a small tax levy on St Charles Township property.

In November, 2015, the Union Cemetery opened the Columbaria Union Cemetery located to the east end of the cemetery.  A Columbaria is a brick or stone structure with niches in which urns containing ashes are buried.  The Columbaria Union Cemetery is a beautiful picturesque setting for the interment of cremains.