Any work that is done in the road right-of-way should be cleared through the Highway Commissioner.  Any company doing work in the road right-of-way has to have a certificate of insurance covering the Township Road District.  Any utility company doing work in road right-of-way also needs a permit issued by the Highway Commissioner.

Any new access has to go through the Highway Commissioner’s office for an access/culvert permit before going to county for any permit.

When putting in a culvert or drain tile in the ditch the county and the township require a permit.  The county also requires a permit for drainage on private property.

First, you need to acquire a permit through the township and this may be done by calling or faxing the Road District Office at these numbers: Phone: 630-584-3496 (may leave message)
and Fax:  630-762-0861.

Information Needed:

  • Subdivision Name
  • Street Name
  • Lot #
  • Builder’s Name and mailing address
  • Phone number

A 24 hour notice is required and then the permit is ready for pickup at the Road District Office at 1725 Dean Street in St. Charles.  Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8am until 3pm.

Culvert/Access Permit fee is $300 with an additional $300 of any added entrances.

Overweight Permits are required when moving and/or operating equipment upon Township roadways that exceed the maximum size or weight specified in the IL Compiled Statutes.  These permits are obtained thru Kane County Division of Transportation by calling their permit department 630-584-1171.

Special Use permits for events such as walk-a-thons are also required by the township if any roads or road right-of-ways are being used.  There is no fee for these permits.

Kane County requires a Special Events/Gathering Permit for crowds of over 100 people.  You must obtain this permit through Kane County if you are going to host a party or event of over 100 people.  You may obtain a permit application for such an event by going to this website or you may contact Angie Avila from the Kane County Board Office at 630-208-3834 or by her email for more information.