Blacktop Patrol

Resurfacing Projects for 2018:

  • Three Lakes Sub:  Columbine East, Columbine West and Red Bay Court;
  • Margate/Otter Creek Subs:  Pine Rd., Sycamore Rd. (Pine Rd. to Oak Dr.), Lilac Ln, Oak Dr. (Steven’s Rd. to McDonald Rd.) and Dogwood Ln.;
  • Woods of Silver Glen Sub:  Oak Pointe Drive and Oak Pointe Court;
  • Knoll Creek West Sub:  Babson Lane and Gustavis Lane;
  • Farmington Sub: all streets in subdivision;
  • Evanswood Sub: Evanswood Lane; and
  • Bittersweet Road


Blacktop Patching:

Potholes are filled as soon as we are aware of them.  Unfortunately, winter conditions cause all holes to reappear quickly after filling.  We are continually searching for and testing new patching materials and methods.

Crack Sealing:

By preventing water from seeping into the road base, pavement life is prolonged.  Crack sealing is performed each fall as conditions and time allow in an effort to extend road life.

Street Sweeping:

Subdivisions with curbs and gutters are swept during the Summer and Fall months.  Special sweeping following construction projects will be done on a pre-arranged basis.